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Kitchen Views

Kitchen Views

Once I picked up a paintbrush, it was only a matter of time until I put to canvas the view from my kitchen window in a rented flat in Pretoria. West-facing, the kitchen window would often spoil me with vistas of the sunset which would continue to inspire the techniques adopted to achieve the skies I create. The lavender variations would have me standing, staring entranced like one of Medusa’s statues. Through staring, I broke down the way the sky manages to blend blue and yellow without becoming green. So enjoy this second in a series of three versions of a study in silhouettes, clouds, blending, and as always, working on my skies.


Version 1 bit.ly/kitviev1 (Sold)

Version 2 (featured) bit.ly/kitviev2 (Sold)

Version 3 bit.ly/kitviev3


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